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We are disrupting industries through computer vision & machine learning applications, research & our spin-off start-ups.

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Core Competences

Focusing on three aspects of computer vision and machine learning.

Deep Learning

Image and video analysis based on the learning from examples.

Embedded Vision

Visual intelligence on powerful and energy-efficient processors.

3D Sensing

To capture, perceive and interpret objects and movements in 3D.

What we do

We are shaping various industries through collaborative computer vision research and applications.

We take the state-of-the-art in computer vision and machine learning research and apply it to industrial challenges in manufacturing, e-commerce, printing, agriculture, and mobility.

We have established a research practice in collaboration with various universities and institutions with the goal to push the state-of-the-art in CVML research and publish at major conferences like CVPR and ICCV.


From successful entrepreneurs and engineers to decorated research scientists: We are a diverse team with a great track record.

Head of Research
Project Manager
Senior Research Engineer
Research Engineer
Computer Vision Engineer
Computer Vision Engineer
Vice-President of the Board
President of the Board
Member of the Board of Directors
Member of the Board of Directors
Member of the Board of Directors
Computer Vision Engineer
CEO and Co-Owner Durst Group
Marketing & Communications Manager
Full Stack Software Engineer
Computer Vision and Machine Learning Engineer
Computer Vision and Machine Learning Engineer
Tsung-Ming Tai
Cynthia I. Ugwu
Sofia Casarin
Emanuele Caruso

Spin-off companies

Technologies that have the potential to disrupt industries are spun off as start-up companies.

Automating the 3D digital twin creation process for the e-commerce industry.

Automating quality control on metals with computer vision technology.

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We work closely with a network of international research and business partners.

In order to achieve our goal to shape industries and technologies of tomorrow, we aim to work closely with a network of national and international partners.