Covision Lab

Covision Lab is a consortium backed by seven multinational technology companies, headquartered in South Tyrol, Italy. We are pooling know-how, technologies and resources in order to achieve collaborative competitive advantages in computer vision and AI.

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Founding companies

Durst is the leading digital provider in the printing and decoration industry, offering high quality machines and equipment combined with dedicated software, service and consulting. HQ’d in Brixen with offices all over the world.

As a high tech company and global leader for scanning and optimization solutions, Microtec is applying its vision based quality-control systems in the sawmilling and wood processing industry as well as in the fruit and food industry. HQ’d in Brixen with offices all over the world.

As a European leader in solutions in die casting and machining of complex aluminum parts, Alupress has offices and factories in Italy, Germany (Berlin and Hildburghausen) and the United States.

TTControl is a leading supplier in the field of electronic control systems, IoT solutions and operator interfaces for mobile machinery and off-highway vehicles. The joint-venture company of TTTech Group and HYDAC International is headquartered in Vienna, Austria and Bressanone/Brixen, Italy and has access to a global sales network thanks to the joint partners’ worldwide offices.

As a leading vision tech company, Microgate works in four fields of development: Professional Timing, Training & Sport, Medical Rehab and Engineering. Microgate has offices in South Tyrol, Italy and New York, USA, with sales in 30 countries.

As a leading manufacturer of photon counters for biomedical, industrial, and astronomical technologies, MPD (Micro Photon Devices) works among others with NASA, HP, Novartis, and the MIT.

As an internationally operating manufacturer and supplier of intelligent color measurement systems, Barbieri is ensuring the highest image quality for professional digital printing.

Board of Directors

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Member of the Board of Directors


CEO and Co-Owner Durst Group

Spin-off companies

Technologies that have the potential to disrupt industries are spun off as start-up companies.

Automating the 3D digital twin creation process for the e-commerce industry.

Automating quality control on metals with computer vision technology.

The Covisioners

We are an incredibly dynamic team that seamlessly collaborates across diverse fields. Fueled by big aspirations, we toil diligently to achieve them, while ensuring that fun is an integral part of our journey.