Computer vision in industry

We take the state-of-the-art in computer vision and machine learning research and apply it to solve challenges in various industries.

In working with clients, Covision Lab takes on the role of an outsourced computer vision and machine learning focused R&D department.

Our team of engineers and researchers have expertise in deep learning, 3D modelling, robotics, computer graphics and image processing. We work with R&D teams of companies - including our founding companies - to solve product and process related industry challenges.

Selected industries we work in include manufacturing, e-commerce, printing, agriculture, and mobility.

Get in touch

How to work with us

Three simple steps to success.

1. Get in touch

Let’s discuss the industrial challenge in your company that can potentially be solved with Computer Vision and Machine Learning.

2. Feasibility Study and Prototyping

During a 2-4 month feasibility study and prototyping phase the potential computer vision based solution is assessed and analyzed.

3. Industrialization

If the solution proves to be robust and scalable during the feasibility phase, then it can be guided to industrialization through an iterative process.

Our partners

NVIDIA Inception is the leading acceleration platform for AI, data science and HPC startups, providing critical go-to-market support, expertise, and technology.

We are part of the German AI Association, the largest network for artificial intelligence in Germany. The association connects AI & Deep Tech companies with business and politics. is the student initiative of the Technical University of Munich focused on Artificial Intelligence. Together with their highly talented students, they run projects, workshops and events around the topic AI.

iMAGE S operates exclusively in the computer and machine vision market and is a reference point for those who develop vision systems. iMAGE S is the chosen computer vision specific hardware partner of Covision Lab.